Make small spaces elevator-accessible

As part of our complete system package, Grupo Excelsior USA manufactures and installs steel and glass hoistways suitable for interior or exterior placement. Hoistways can accommodate elevators in small spaces.

Glass hoistways enhance the architecture of a structure, allowing for a panoramic view. Steel hoistways allow for quick installation, and can be carried through a doorway.

Fabian USA’s hoistways eliminate the mess and inconvenience of building a masonry hoistway at a fraction of masonry’s cost, up to a 40% savings. Because our hoistways sustain their own load, additional construction requirements are reduced.

And, as with Fabian USA’s range of elevators and components, our hoistways are customizable to complement any décor.

Features include:

  • Architectural Design Feature
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Panoramic Steel and Glass
  • A More Economic Option than Masonry (Up to 40% savings compared to masonry hoistway)
  • Ideal for Small Spaces
  • Modular Design for Easy Installation

The Fabian USA design advantage:


Our broad array of cab and floor finishes complements your home’s décor!

From historic preservation, to branded retail designs, you can see some of our unique installations here!